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Agribusiness & Rural Development


A term that refers to a combination of business functions related to the processes of food production, processing, wholesale and marketing. At ELIM Serviços Lda, we specialize in building the management of agribusiness by providing solutions that range from conducting value chain analysis to designing business plans and market studies for our clients willing to intervene in specific subsectors.

Rural Development 

Agribusiness01We understand as rural development (RD) a combination of practices and technologies in the rural environment which enable de efficient use of existent natural resources so that they can best serve the local community through the provision of goods and services which satisfy their needs. Such interventions can be in crop or husbandry or even in tourism development and improve access to drinkable water.

ELIM is the nesting company for the Mozambican Virtual Livelihood School which is being implemented in partnership with the Ford Foundation. Our brochure which is annexed provides information of our clients and the work we have undertaken for them.

Some of our work

From November 2016 to February 2017, ELIM conducted a Strategic Investment Plan for Cornélio Comercial – an Agricultural inputs and land preparation servicesThe main objective of this assignment was to Support a private sector company in the identification and development of a Strategic Investment Plan which would meet a need along the groundnuts, sesame, beans and pigeon peas value chains and to improve the lives of rural families in Balama and Montepuez districts, Cabo Delgado province, where the program is being implemented.

The initial objective of the private entity was to increase the commercialization capacity by building a warehouse and identify smallholders to purchase from. At the end, ELIM led by Ms. Mata, identified the core need based on current activities performed by the firm. The provision of agricultural inputs, land preparation services, deshelling and extension services. Our intervention supported the strengthenning of an on-going activity which was the only one in the districts and much needed by the farming community. In addition, the company has benefited from financial support from PROMER to finalize the 100.000 Ton capacity warehouse they are building instead of building a new one.

ELIM Servicos Lda was awarded with the opportunity to work for the IFAD funded PROMER (Program for the Promotion of Rural Markets) to conduct the OLAM "MATCHING GRANT" Strategic Investment Plan (SIP). This contract had the duration of 1 month between June and July 2016 with the main purpose of conduct a study for the development of sesame out-grower in Alto-Molocue and Ribaue districts, Zambezia and Nampula provinces. It was a project which was based on building a sustainable, responsible and inclusive sesame value chain that allows for 2,000 smallholder sesame farmers to improve their living standards in the Alto Molocue district and enhance efficiency of OLAM's sesame business operations by the end of 2019.

In Cabo Delgado, Nampula, Tete and Manica, ELIM conducted an in-depth evaluation of 7 USAID-funded Agriculture and Trade Program (ATB) in Mozambique. The evaluation looked into the performance and lessons of agriculture, water and sanitation, health and commercialization projects in the five selected provinces through the implementation of a household survey which collected quantitative data and sector stakeholder interviews to collect qualitative data. (December 2012).


In Cabo Delgado, Niassa and Nampula, ELIM conducted an Assessment of the Five Potential Agricultural Crops and promoted by the IFAD-funded Rural Markets Promotion Program (PROMER - IFAD) in 2012-2013 as key value chains to support. The program seeks to promote the participation of SMEs in rural value chains to create sustainable market linkages for rural income generation. ELIM conducted the study which saw the recommendations and adoption of three of the five value chains, namely Cassava, Groundnuts and Sesame. (September 2011).

In June 2011 ELIM was tasked to conduct a Feasibility Study of the Honey Value Chain in four districts of Angola, Benguela, Bié, Kwando Kubango and Moxico. The USD 2.5million project has been financed by the Angola Development Bank and its implementation started in June 2012 for 7 years.


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