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Steven Glover - The World Bank (DIME)

ELIM Servicos provided excellent quality work in very challenging conditions. The teams showed great adaptability and endeavour in ensuring that the household survey was completed to a very high standard, particularly impressive considering that:
1) the survey communities were very remote;
2) there was poor communication between the community beneficiaries and the project implementation institutions;
3) the survey work was complex, involving mapping poorly-marked predefined areas, and a complex and interactive questionnaire, with many moving parts to get right.

Ramiro Ortega Landa, Director SME, Rural and Agricultural Finance at Crimson Capital Corp

ELIM's knowledge of the Mozambican market, extensive professional and business network is remarkable and greatly facilitated our activities there. I definitely would recommend having ELIM as a reliable and efficient consultant/partner.

Fernanda Duarte, Owner of a Beauty Parlor

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the "Expand your business" course. I now feel equipped to better manage my business.

PROMER - Seleccção de cadeias de valor

We are satisfided with your services and would recommend you to other institutions.


Vilinho Abeque - Director do Departamento das Actividades Economicas, Distrito de Gurué, Zambézia

At Nampo 2001 I had the opportunity to identify and register some technologies which can be useful and applied in my disctrict if farmers associations have support to acquire machinery, metallic silos for storage of agriculture crops.


Bernardo Tembe, Director executivo da Hluvuku (Sector de Microfinanças)

Thanks for your collaboration with Hluvuku, we hope it will continue in 2012.

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